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Hearing Protection for Patients in the Banbury, Witney and Oxfordshire Areas

On this page, we delve deeper into noise induced hearing loss (or NIHL). The information provided will make you more aware of how sensitive you could be to harmful sounds.


What is noise induced hearing loss? We experience many sounds in our everyday environment, such as television, radio and traffic noise. As these are normally heard at safe levels, they do not affect the hearing of our Banbury and Witney patients. So, when we do get exposed to harmful noises, sensitive structures in our inner ear can be affected and this causes noise induced hearing loss.


The structures are called hair cells. These are small sensory perceptors that convert sound into signals that travel to the brain. Once damaged, the hair cells are unable to grow back. A hearing test will highlight any possible issues. Call today for a free consultation with Keith Donaghy at either of our Witney or Banbury clinics.

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Dealing with NIHL


Hearing aids can replace some of the sound in damaged ears and, sometimes, a simple earwax removal procedure can help patients to hear properly again. For those who are very self-conscious, we have discrete invisible hearing aids available. Book an appointment at our clinics in Witney or Banbury now to see if you’ve been affected by NIHL.


NIHL can be caused by a one-time exposure to intense impulse sound, such as an explosion, or by continuous noise like loud music or factory work. Recent studies have proven that NIHL can be even worse for children affected by potential harmful noise.


As long as individuals understand the hazards of noise and practice good hearing health, NIHL can be fully preventable. By wearing earplugs or earmuffs bought from ourselves or supplied by employers, it’s possible to limit noise successfully and to avoid damage.


At Keith Donaghy Hearing Care, we offer advice to customers in Oxford, Banbury, Witney and the surrounding Oxfordshire area who might be suffering with NIHL. Whether you need invisible hearing aids or just a hearing test, we be there to provide full support and aftercare in what can often be a worrying and difficult time for our patients.


Helping Patients from Every Walk of Life


Musicians, DJ’s and Audiophiles


  • Micro Monitor by Puretone – In-ear monitors for high quality performance and a sound range with crystal clear clarity.
  • i-monitor – Tailor-made earpieces for smart phones and MP3 players.
  • Elacin invisible hearing aids – Custom-made for attenuation from 9dB to 25dB.




  • Swim Plugs – Custom-made to fit your ears whilst giving protection against water and ear infections whilst swimming.
  • Elacin Sleep Fit – Custom-made from extra soft silicon for a comfortable night’s sleep. Ideal for partner’s who snore, night shift workers or for those     travelling on noisy buses or trains in the Witney, Banbury and Oxford areas.
  • Solid Silicone Noise Plugs – Custom-made earplugs offering a large levels of noise reduction.




  • Protecthear – Soft silicon incorporating a passive acoustic filter. Maintains the ability to hear speech and ambient noise. Available from our Witney and Banbury clinics.
  • Motosound – A soft silicon that fits into the ear canal; they create an acoustic seal which lowers outside noise whilst allowing audio to be heard clearly through a jack fixed cable.
  • Shooting
  • Cens Pro Flex Digital and Hunter Range – Custom-made invisible hearing aids which efficiently supress gunshot noise but allow hearing of normal conversation, trap releases and other related sounds.
  • Sonic Valve – Supresses gunshot noise.


All of the above devices and hearing aids are available at each of our clinics in Witney and Banbury. We also offer a wide range of other services such as hearing test appointments or assistance with tinnitus.


To find out more about NIHL, or to book an appointment for a hearing test or earwax removal, call Keith Donaghy now on 01993 709955.