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During these testing times we would like to assure our customers that we are still here to help. We remain open if you require hearing aid batteries, servicing or repairs. We are practicing social distancing in-store for the safety of all. We wish you all the very best during this time and we hope to see you fit and healthy in the near future. For further information you can call us on 01993 709955.


UK independent hearing aid specialists are registered with the government regulator the HCPC (Our Healthcare number is HAD00033). Registration and qualification requires high standards of clinical governance at all times when helping with vulnerable patients hear their family and friends clearly once more – we have an unblemished track record of helping since 1936.


Our standards include and are not limited to using 1 use disposable professional products that come into contact with patients. We have always washed our hands between patients! In addition to the above each practice is cleaning all hard surfaces and door handles several times a day.


Gels are available for visitors and staff and we advise they are used on arrival and departure.


We are boutique family run hearing care provider and as such our footfall has always been the lowest on any UK high street which in itself heightens clinical hygiene.


Our hearing aid audiologists offer help and advice from our purpose built audiology and aural care clinics. Or if easier and more convenient we have portable testing equipment that can be used from the comfort of your own home.


We follow the very same high standards of professional clinical hygiene during all home visits.

Home Visits and Hearing Test Appointments in the Banbury and Witney Areas

Welcome to the website of Keith Donaghy Hearing Care. Keith is an independent audiologist who has helped thousands of patients to hear more clearly and precisely over the years. Serving private patients at our clinics in Witney and Banbury, Keith has a wealth of hearing care experience.


Our clinics provide customers in Oxfordshire with a hearing test, invisible hearing aids, earwax removal and many other related products and services.

Keith will offer simple advice and explanations about hearing loss and what he can do to correct it. As a registered hearing aid audiologist, he will always take the time to put you at ease and, just as importantly, understand your needs.


Whether you have come to us to discuss hearing aids or have booked an appointment for earwax removal, our clinics will provide a full initial assessment of the situations and the environments where you have the most difficulty hearing.

Affordable Access to Hearing Aids


Our clinics reach out to customers not just in Witney and Banbury, but also across the whole of the county including Oxford. By using our full range of products and services to deliver the right treatment, Keith can control the cost of invisible hearing aids or any treatments received at our two clinics. This makes everything just that little bit more affordable.


Keith Donaghy Hearing Care takes great pride in being able to offer interest-free payment plans for state-of-the-art invisible hearing aids to all patients from Witney, Banbury and the surrounding Oxfordshire area. By operating independently, Keith Donaghy is not tied to a rigid service range or a particular brand of product.

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Free Consultations and Home Visits


Our clinics offer free home visits for hearing consultations and hearing test appointments to customers who call our Witney and Banbury practices. Attentive aftercare is provided so new patients can have complete confidence in everything we do. If you’re struggling to come to terms with the hearing aids you already use, or if you would like to arrange a hearing test to see exactly what’s needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be there to help you in any way that we can.


Keith Donaghy is a highly-recognised and acclaimed audiologist covering all parts of Witney, Banbury and Oxfordshire. He is fully licenced and registered to practice in accordance with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), and operates as a fully qualified member of the British Society of Hearing Aids Audiologists (BSHAA).

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Why should I have my hearing tested?

Recent studies have shown that there is a connection with hearing loss and dementia. If you have a hearing loss it is advisable to wear hearing aids as soon as possible to prevent isolation in social situations and to aid your hearing sense to work at its optimum, enabling you to continue enjoying an interactive and sociable life.

For more information on earwax removal and invisible hearing aids, or to book a hearing test at our Witney or Banbury clinics, call now on 01993 709955.


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